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MediaConnect360TM Features

Most hotels face the challenges of not knowing what to share on social media channels, what topics will encourage social engagement, how to increase traffic to their websites, and ultimately how to drive incremental online revenue for their property. MediaConnect360TM takes on these challenges and helps hotels overcome them through the use of an integrated marketing dashboard. By generating a list of events and activities, organizing marketing projects, and enabling the execution of strategies across teams and departments, MediaConnect360TM is a truly comprehensive social marketing solution. Below are the core features offered by the tool.
List of Events
The Milestone team researches local markets and provides a list of events to help generate relevant and timely marketing communications that drive business and improve the overall guest experience
MediaConnect360 List of Events
Marketing Tasks and Calendar
MediaConnect360TM can provide a list of recommended ongoing marketing tasks that can be integrated with hotel and brand initiatives
mgmt. co.
  • Milestone Provides
  • Hotel Marketing Activities
Integrate with Website Calendar for SEO
Feed events into
synced website
Local content
optimized for
Events tagged
with schemas
for maximum
SEO value
freshens content
on website
MediaConnect360 Integrate with Website Calendar for SEO
Organize Marketing Activity
  • Centralized marketing calendar
  • Encourages collaboration between different teams and departments
  • Multiple user types and permissions for workflow moderation
  • Stores messages and campaigns for use in future marketing initiatives
  • Helps track yearly activity to simplify annual planning
Organizing Marketing Activity - MediaConnect360
Marketing and Moderation Workflow
New events added
to the calendar. User approves or
deletes events
User creates messaging
and schedules broadcast
date & time
Manager approves content and schedule (optional)
Scheduled messages automatically broadcast to selected social channels
Campaigns on Social Media Channels
Campaigns on Social Media Channels - MediaConnect360
  • Create unique messages for unique
    channels including Twitter, Google+
    and supported blogs form one screen
  • Preview messages as they will
    appear on social media channels
  • Schedule and broadcast messages
    to multiple channels with one click
Analytics, Reports, and Alerts
  • Analytic summary with
    multiple ways to parse data
  • Channel-specific advanced
  • A variety of reports and alerts
    available for end-to-end
MediaConnect360 - Analytics, Alerts, and Reports